Monday, January 23, 2012

Winnie the Pooh

One of my favorite characters from childhood, and adulthood, is Winnie the Pooh. I have a lovely collection of books, clocks, snowglobes, cookie jars, stuffed animals, and figurines from the famous bear and his friends. The books, written by A.A. Milne, have been cherished for generations. In these famous books are beautiful, heartfelt quotes between Pooh and his friends. These quotes, and the bear himself, were my inspiration for my most recent cards. On these lovely cards are quotes from the classic stories, along with picutres of Pooh, Piglet, and Christopher Robin.

These Winnie the Pooh cards came just in time for Valentine's Day. Show someone how much you love them with a sweet quote from a classic childhood friend.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Hunger Games

Recently I read the books of The Hunger Games series.
In one word, AMAZING!

After reading the books, I had the idea to make bookmarks with quotes from the books printed on them. Clearly, I am not the only one who fell in love with the books because the bookmarks have been a huge success. Currently, I have four different bookmarks available in my shop, with quotes from all three books. Take a look!

Now, all I can think about is the movie. So excited to see it!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Goals For This Year

It is a new year and for the first time in my life I am free to do whatever it is I want to. Now that I am finished with school, I have the chance to do anything! Because of my new found freedom and the new year, I decided to make a list of goals I want to achieve this year. Some will take a lot of effort. For others I will just need a little motivation.

1. Reach my goal weight
2. Workout 4-6 days a week
3. Eat less fats and sugars
4. Spend less time on the couch/watching TV/on the computer
5. Listen to more music
6. Spend more time outside
7. Go for walks, often
8. Read more. Craft more.
9. Save more. Spend less.
10. Be happy. Always!

Looking forward to a wonderful year!
What are your goals?

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Excited To See What Is Next

After over 5 years of school, I am finally finished. With a BA, a teaching credential, and a lot of experience, I am ready for my next journey. I am looking forward to finally having my own classroom. I have wanted to be a teacher since I was a little girl. Finally, my dream has come true. The job search is on!

Until I find my dream job, I have a chance to do my next favorite thing, craft. I have been crafting my whole life, making anything I get a chance to. A couple of years ago I opened my first shop on Etsy to sell handmade jewelry and hair accessories. Craft Me Pretty has been a fun place for me to begin sellling my items online. Pretty Petals Paper, where I sell cards, gift tags, and other paper items, has been a wonderful second shop. I have met a lot of great people and had the opportunity to create several custom orders. Now that I have more free time, I will be creating many new items for both shops!

I am excited to begin this next adventure, both in my little craft room and my future classroom. Along the journey, I will happily share my experiences, thoughts, and ideas. Comments, criticisms, feedback, and ideas always welcome!