Friday, March 16, 2012

Subbing = Exhausting

After a nice couple months of short work days and much needed freedom, I decided to finally start working more and actually begin teaching. It has been an exhausting three weeks!

I started this week at a school I had never been to in a 5th grade class. It turned out to be a pretty nice day, with the classroom student teacher doing most of the teaching. After a two day break, I was in a first grade classroom. Wow, those little ones have a lot of energy! They were up and down, and all around, constantly having something to say. Each one seemed to have something that hurt, from a hurt tooth to a hurt heart. It was a great experience though and the classroom teacher asked if she could call me again.

Today was spent in a 6th grade class, next door to the class I did my student teaching. I was amazed at how great the kids were. They had a few moments of not so perfect behavior, but it makes me seriously reconsider what grade I would like to eventually teach. Maybe I do want to teach older grades after all.

Now . . . Spring Break!

Have a lovely week everyone!

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